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About the Company


Implementing Dr. Mjalli's vision to create innovative healthcare products and medical diagnostic devices that improve early diagnostic capabilities and to develop effective solutions for human health, eliminating side-effects of currently available agents.



– Poison Ivy

– Cuts/Scrapes

– Knees

– Ankles

– Toes

– Necks

– Anti-COVID

– Bee Stings

– Insect Bites

– Backs

– Head Aches

– Feet 

– Wound

– Healing

– Cold Sores

– Anti-Allergy


-Novel transdermal formulation platform designed to produce products for pain, inflammation, and muscle relaxant, at the site of injury eliminating side effects associated with oral delivery.

-Non-alcohol-based disinfectants including a water-based sanitizer and surface cleanser having multiple applications eliminating side effects associated with alcohol use.

-Natural, black seed oil-based therapeutic agent that protects against virus and other microorganisms, has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory properties, and antimicrobial properties.


-Home point-of-care diagnostic technology for detection of diseases and biomarkers.

-Wound healing for quick and effective relief eliminating side effects with one exposure.

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